Day Trips

  • Lake Victoria
    Lake Victoria Lake Victoria

Take a day to explore the Pearl of Africa’s wonders, from geographical gems to cultural heritage sites, there’s something to amaze everyone.

Uganda is blessed to have a remarkable landscape that boasts many species of wildlife and birds as well as diverse peoples with unique ways of life.

We specialise in day trips that include excursions to Ugandan treasures such as:

The National Museum
Built in 1908 under the instruction of colonial secretary, George Wilson, the museum is the last surviving abode for Uganda’s collective history and cultural heritage. It’s a gem for the curious mind with artifacts like Stone Age tools dating back thousands of years, the first Ugandan president’s 1925 Ford Model T, fossils of the extinct long horned buffalo among many others. In addition, the living museum, a tribute to Uganda’s diverse cultures, is just a stone’s throw away from the main museum.

The Equator
Imagine crossing over into another hemisphere in seconds?
Sounds impossible except if you are at the equator, which in Uganda is found 72km south of the capital of Kampala along the Kampala-Masaka road. Take a journey to the world’s most iconic imaginary line and marvel at the waters that flow in different directions in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The Source of the Nile
Trek like ancient explorers did to the source of the Nile located in Jinja, a short distance from the capital city, Kampala. The source of the Nile offers white water rafting and game fishing among other waterborne activities. However, its crowning glory is the magnificent Murchison Falls.

The Baha’i Temple
Visit the only Baha’i Temple on the African continent. Located on Kikaaya Hill in Kampala, it is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although it is primarily a place of worship for Baha’i followers, it opens its doors to anyone wishing to have a quiet place to pray and meditate.

Kasubi Tombs
Located on Kasubi Hill in Kampala, the Kasubi Tombs are the final resting place of Buganda royalty. For the historian it is a treasure because of its ancient heritage as well as its architectural intrigue. The grass-thatched tombs with their intricate binding are a marvel of preservation.

Whatever leisure activity you choose, rest assured that the resort staff will pay meticulous attention to detail and the highest standard of service so that you can enjoy whatever day trip suits you.