A nature lover's delight

Our lakeside location offers an incredible venue nestled on the banks of Lake Victoria. Accommodating 300 to 3,000 people, it is one of the biggest venues on the shore and is an idyllic spot for nature lovers and anyone who wants to partake of the breathtaking view of the lake.

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Flag Mast

The perfect garden wedding

Flag Mast is the expansive garden surrounding the flag posts that several nations’ flags are hoisted on. It’s an ideal venue for hosting any exhibition or any kind of social events but also the perfect setting for your wedding.

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Peace Hub

Start your new life in a peaceful setting

This is a historical venue which caters for both large and small weddings. It was constructed as a peace haven for representatives of African nations to gather for dialogue while enjoying the beautiful backdrop of Lake Victoria.

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Mango Garden

Dreams among the trees

Mango garden is an expansive garden that is ideal for that midsize outdoor wedding. Mango garden comfortably hosts 100 to 800 people.

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Speke Poolside

A wedding by the pool

The Speke Poolside is a great choice for a laid-back wedding while enjoying the immaculate Ugandan climate and in the surroundings of the magnificent Speke Resort Gardens.

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Commonwealth Poolside

You couldn't ask for more

Arguably one of the best and most popular outdoor wedding venues in the country, the Commonwealth Poolside boasts of unrivalled views of Lake Victoria.

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