Victoria Ballroom

Your perfect wedding is about to become a reality

It is time to paint your dream wedding and you will need a suitable venue as the canvas to make it come true. From elaborate fairytale affairs, to private and relaxed beach do's on the shores of Lake Victoria, our celebrated wedding packages speak elegance and class, all in one sentence.

Our wedding planner and her dedicated team are on hand to address your every need down to the last detail and specification. Our internationally experienced catering team are primed to put together a package based on African, Indian or Continental cuisine. Crown your special day in any of our wide selection of rooms and enjoy marital bliss in luxury and comfort.

Marina in Kampala

The scenic harbour offers water-lovers a wide array of activities in or on the water.

Whether you are an extreme adventure daredevil who loves an adrenaline rush, or a free spirit that just wants to relax near the water, one thing is certain, you are sure to be entertained by our special recreational activities:

  • Jet skis
  • Motorised boats
  • 70-seater sunset cruise liner
  • Aquatic sports
  • Fishing trips (shore fishing or deep lake fishing)
  • Sundowner cruises
  • working hours : 08:30hrs to 18:00hrs


1. Boat Rides


30 minute water safari maximum 7 guests Ushs. 50,000
60 minute water safari maximum 7 guests Ushs. 100,000


60 minute water safari maximum 30 guests Ushs. 413,000

    Jet Ski

15 minutes maximum 1 guest Ushs. 40,000

   Proline (Speed boat)

60 minute water safari maximum 04 guests USD 354

   Sundowner(minimum hiring - 2 hours)

02 hrs sunset/sunrise cruise maximum 70 guests USD 850

2. Fishing Rates(All equipment included)


4 hours maximum 3 guests Ushs. 295,000
8 hours maximum 3 guests Ushs. 472,000


01 hour Maximum 04 guests USD 354

Equestrian in Kampala

Whether you are an avid and experienced horse rider, or just have an appreciation for nature’s gentle, fast creature, the fully-fledged Equestrian Centre at Speke Resort Munyonyo can accommodate.

Galloping down a racetrack or a trot in a tranquil setting, the Equestrian Centre — comprising of a large 28-horse stable — will make any horse-riding fan pleased.

It’s fun for the whole family; children can enjoy a pony ride or riding lessons with the help of our highly trained team of instructors, while seasoned horse riders can take to the tracks.


ITEMMonday - Saturday
Sunday & Public Holidays
Pony Ride (20 minutes)40,00050,000
One Hour Hack70,00080,000
30 minute private lesson65,00065,000
45 min group lesson( 3- 8 persons) - per person50,00055,000
45 min shared lesson( 2 persons min.) - per person60,00060,000
10 Rides for 45 mins Each for one Guest
(valid for 4 Months)