Indoor Weddings

Not all weddings feature extravagant decorations, but if yours will be one of those weddings, then you may want to consider an indoor wedding at Speke Resort and Commonwealth Centre. The walls and ceilings in our ballrooms provide ample room for beautiful décor and elegant adornments.

In addition, all our ballrooms have ample air-conditioning you and your guests that will help you remain comfortable for the entire evening. Since the comfort of your guests is crucial to the success of the evening, consider one of our ballrooms when choosing a venue

Speke Ballroom

Seating Capacity: 250 – 1500
Air Conditioning
Room Size: 170M²

Victoria Ballroom

Seating Capacity: 100 – 1000
Air Conditioning
Room Size: 957M²

Commonwealth Banquet Hall

Seating Capacity: 80 – 200
Air Conditioning
Room Size: 360M²